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Trauma Treatment Programs

Sprout Health Arizona understands that enduring a traumatic experience sometimes causes a substance abuse and addiction problem. Just like mental health disorders, it is important for open communication between our staff and patients in order for us to find the underlying cause of the addiction. Our staff is trained and  knowledgeable of how to diagnose co-occurring disorders and our facilities offer simultaneous treatments in order to provide the best opportunity for patients to achieve a successful recovery.

Looking Closer at Trauma

Trauma is characterized by an experience or life event that is both psychologically and physically overwhelming, such as:

  • Rape
  • Physical abuse
  • Mutilation
  • Subjection to wartime situations
  • Sexual abuse
  • Car accidents
  • Child abandonment
  • Frequent bullying and verbal abuse
  • Near-death experiences

Trauma requires skilled professionals to diagnose trauma related addiction and provide extensive treatment programs designed for co-occurring disorders. Sprout Health Arizona’s goal is to help patients cope with the effects of traumatic situations without the use of substances such as prescription pills, alcohol or illicit drugs. We want to teach patients how to live and experience a healthy and normal life.

What is Complex Trauma?

Complex trauma events are characterized as a breach of trust between individuals that are in an interpersonal relationship. For example, a parent begins abusing their child at a young age and continues the abuse as they grow older. The child will experience complex trauma because the abuser is someone who they should respect and trust. They are confused due to the fact that they know what the abuser is doing is wrong; however, they do not know what to do because it is someone they are expected to obey, respect and trust. Unfortunately, many instances of trauma are never reported because of the confusion, causing the victims to carry the trauma inside their psyche. These victims will continuously suffer from self-identity and trust issues unless they become confident enough to either share the information or receive treatment.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Latent effects of trauma are effects that tend to appear later; however they are severe enough to disrupt daily life and its activities. These effects are commonly known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and are characterized by re-experiencing the traumatic instances in memories, dreams and/or flashbacks. Those who suffer from PTSD often engage in emotionally-numbing activities in order to bury the feelings they get when remembering the traumatic event(s). They may also avoid people, places or things that remind them of the event.

Treating Trauma

Sprout Health Arizona understands that those who suffer from addiction and trauma are in need of specialized treatments. Our professionally trained staff and rehab facilities provide highly individualized treatment plans to properly address each individual’s needs. We stress the importance of repairing both intrapersonal and interpersonal issues, such as feelings of guilt and shame, self-blaming and the loss of the ability to trust others.

We are prepared to treat the traumatic experience as simply another life experience that shaped who the patient is today. Our facilities are built to handle the complexities that come along with the combination of substance addiction and trauma. We offer the guidance and support of licensed therapists and utilize only the best practices in order to ensure our patients a long-lasting recovery.

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