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Elderly Treatment

Addiction Also Affects the Elderly

When most people hear about those who undergo drug treatment, they think it is for adolescents, young adults, the underprivileged and nightclub crowds. Little do they know that millions of adults and elderly have become entangled in the world of substance abuse. Because of age and their mental or physical condition, when an elderly person becomes an addict, they can experience many additional hardships along the way. At Sprout Health Arizona, we understand the difficulties of addiction as well as the extent of struggle an elderly addict must be going through. We offer a safe and supportive facility where elderly citizens can get the treatment they need to find sobriety. Our goal is to help them break free of chemical or alcohol dependency so they can truly enjoy their retirement years.

How We Treat Elderly Addiction

Addiction in the elderly can begin for numerous reasons, such as loneliness, a desire to cope with everyday life stresses and casually drinking alone as well as the dependence of painkillers. Sprout Health Arizona offers many different ways to help combat drug addiction. Our facilities are designed to provide comfort during such a difficult time. Our staff is professional; they are drug addiction treatment specialists who are easily relatable and completely understanding of your situation. We utilize the necessary equipment and best practices in order to ensure the most effective drug treatment for the elderly.

Factors That Can Cause Addiction for the Elderly

Sprout Health Arizona has dealt with a wide variety of patients both old and young with many different types of disorders. Some have fallen on hard times due to financial changes in their life. Some are dealing with the death of a friend, family member, pet or loved one. Survivor’s guilt is real, misunderstood and all too familiar among the elderly. This guilt can lead to depression, loneliness and low self-esteem. Many elderly people feel alone and like they are no longer needed. They also understand that friends and family members are constantly disappearing; nothing is permanent and everything is changing.

Most begin drinking to find escape and companionship. As we age, the percent of our body weight composed of water decreases causing alcohol to affect us more quickly and metabolize slower. Others abuse prescription drugs because they are easily attainable due to the high depression and anxiety rates during hard times, such as the death of loved ones, loss of health and retirement. Studies show that nearly 35 million people are 65 years or older and 17 percent of them are prescription drug abusers.

As we age, our motor skills and physical mobility diminish. The simple act of reaching down and picking something up can be arduous. Most times, cooking, cleaning and just taking care of ourselves becomes challenging. Many seniors begin to lose self-confidence as well as their memory. If they are prescribed medication, they might accidentally forget to take a dose; or worse, forget they took a dose and take more than they need. If not careful, their usage can spiral out of control. Whether it be an accidental overdose or a tremendous decline in self-confidence, addiction in elderly people is at an increased risk. Sprout Health Arizona wants you to know that you are not alone and we are here to help. We have the programs and knowledgeable staff necessary to help get you through this difficult time.

First Step in the Treatment Process

First things first, give us a call so we can set up an appointment to meet you in person. We want to gather as much information over the phone as we can in order to present you with the best possible options when you come to visit our facility. Our assessment will help us determine the extent of your addiction and whether or not we will bring you in for detoxification. We will then conduct a mental and psychiatric evaluation as well as lab diagnostics tests and much more in order to help us move to the next phase of your diagnosis.

Our treatment plans, which include holistic as well as traditional approaches, are highly individualized in order to provide the best possible solutions for your addiction treatment. We will monitor your detox and adjust your plan according to your progress. Our goal, as it should be yours as well, is to help you get back into society and to live life accordingly without the temptation to fall back into addiction. If you or a family member is struggling with elderly addiction, give us a call. We have the solutions, treatments and help you need in order to get back to normal.

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