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Drug And Alcohol Treatment Programs In Arizona

Admitting to a drug addiction or dependency is the first and hardest step on the road to recovery. It is also the most courageous thing you can do to enhance your chance at living a healthy and sober lifestyle. At Sprout Health Arizona, we understand the anxiety and apprehension you must be feeling and ensure you that we are here to help.

We provide efficient programs that are highly individualized to meet each patient’s unique needs. Our treatment programs are based upon modern and up-to-date methods, which are designed to help individuals gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to achieve sobriety. We pride ourselves on helping patients find, not only solutions to their problems, but also a new meaning to their lives.

Discovering Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis occurs when someone is suffering from, not only a drug addiction, but an underlying mental health issue as well. Dual Diagnosis treatment helps identify the multiple factors that contribute to mental illness and drug addiction. Mental health disorders include: mood, anxiety, personality and eating disorders; and have the power to intensify drug addiction; and vice versa. Drug addiction can heighten the symptoms and conditions of mental health disorders. Our professionally trained staff of psychiatrists, psychologists and behavioral specialists are able to identify overlapping conditions and determine which treatment plans are helpful in overcoming and managing both mental health and addiction.

Treating Substance Addiction

No matter what the addiction is, whether it be to prescription or illicit drugs, we offer a wide variety of treatments, tailored to each individual’s needs. Treatment plans are created after patient evaluation, which recognizes the extent of the addiction and coinciding withdrawal symptoms. Because of the complexity of addiction, treatment requires time and dedication from each patient, as well as our staff. We will continuously aid in your recovery process, ensuring that your treatments be updated as often as your progress advances. With our combined efforts, the road to recovery will become increasingly smooth and sobriety will be easily manageable.

Acknowledging Alcohol Addiction

Unlike drug addiction, alcohol addiction is 50- 60 percent linked to genetics. Some people cannot help the fact that they are addicted based upon their family history or life at home; however, they can help break the cycle through treatment. Our skilled team of drug and alcohol addiction counselors can determine the problem and find a solution in order to better understand alcohol addiction.

We want to educate both patients and their families on alcohol abuse. We find that group discussion and therapy help create a support network inside and outside of the recovery program. Through the use of other therapies, such as behavioral and cognitive, we get the best and long lasting recovery results.

The Detox Process

The second hardest step on the road to recovery, after admitting addiction, is detoxification. This treatment aims to safely remove the abused substance from a patient’s body, which is then followed by withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is a complicated and uncomfortable process, in which the body reacts to the detoxification. It has the ability to affect the mental and physical health of a patient.

Through the detoxification and withdrawal process, our staff at Sprout Health Arizona, who are dedicated professionals, will help speed it along, as well as guide and support each patient. We have your best interests at heart and are always here to support you.

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