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The Importance of Assessments

Drug and alcohol addiction does not just affect the addict, but family, friends and all those around them as well. It also leads to multiple long-term problems, such as overdose and death. Most addicts do not have the strength or courage to admit when they are addicted, however, with proper diagnosis and treatment, it can save their lives.

Sprout Health Arizona prides itself on its ability to evaluate, diagnosis and treat each individual who is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Our assessment methods are effective for teens, adults and elderly addicts. Our professionally trained addiction rehabilitation specialists understand that each age group requires special attention, especially teens.

We provide many programs just for teens, such as:

  • Teen drug rehab
  • Rehab for young adults
  • Teen drug treatment
  • Young adult drug treatment

The Effectiveness of Family Participation

As mentioned before, addiction affects both the addict and their loved ones. It is extremely important to Sprout Health Arizona for family involvement. Treatment is significantly more effective when an individual’s family is brought into the equation. Our staff will work with a patient’s family in order to engage in a deeper level of therapy and to offer adequate treatments that will help heal both the addict and their family.

We will not spend less time with each patient because we are working with their family. Our goal is to help the patient and we will focus all the attention and time we need on each patient. Including the family is essential to pinpoint particular issues and underlying problems that we would not have been able to discover if we were assessing the patient alone. The family provides a deeper insight into each patient. They can also help assist staff in evaluating medical records so that we have a fully comprehensive medical history in order to accurately assess each patient.

More Assessment Information

Each patient will be presented with a medical assessment questionnaire that will ask them to elaborate on their history of addiction as well as if they are currently addicted, if they have any mood or behavioral issues and if they are on any medication. By inquiring of such information, we will have a better understanding of each patient and can therefore create the best treatment plan for them. We offer both inpatient and outpatient treatments and want each patient to learn the tools necessary to continue on their path to sobriety, control their addiction and live a healthy life.

How to Maintain Sobriety

It is hard to maintain sobriety if a recovering addict hangs around the same people they did before that may not be addicts themselves, but could potentially be enablers. Sprout Health Arizona provides an excellent support staff as well as support groups for after treatment. It is important to remain connected with the support we offer in order to have a healthy social and sober life.

Rebuilding and Recovery

After treatment, recovering patients will essentially be leaving as an entirely different person and will, therefore, need to make drastic changes to their life outside of treatment. Here are some tips to help maintain sobriety and build a new life:

  • Individuals should learn to reevaluate what they hold most dear. In place of substance addiction, they will find that family and loved ones are their new priorities. Attach yourself to people who support your new lifestyle, who will not drag you down.
  • Sprout Health Arizona offers many therapies that teach patients new hobbies and skills. It is important to continue those hobbies, focusing your attention on those rather than a substance. Being idle with one’s time will only increase the risk for relapse.
  • Helping others and focusing on important causes is a good way to spend time after treatment. It is important to give back to those who helped you through your struggle. It is also a good idea to help those who are struggling just like you did. Being compassionate is rewarding.

Our treatment programs teach the necessary tools to help maintain sobriety but it is up to our patients to continue their healthy lifestyle. We recommend focusing on activities, hobbies and ways to enjoy oneself without drugs or alcohol.

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