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Substance Abuse Treatment Arizona

There are multiple reasons why someone becomes addicted, such as undetected and untreated mental illness, a reaction or dependence to pain killers and the inability to avoid peer pressure. Research shows that peer pressure occurs mostly in adolescents and young adults; additionally, drug use begins and is most common in adolescents and young adults. The earlier drug abuse begins, the more the risk of addiction increases. Most individuals who suffer from substance abuse may lead a life full of risky behaviors causing legal troubles and more often than not, jail time. If substance abuse if not treated, it can become a problem that affects not only the addict but their family, social and work life.

Substance Abuse Versus Substance Addiction

Unbeknownst to some, there is a difference between abuse and addiction. Abuse occurs when an individual uses far more than originally intended, such as taking three pills instead of one and in a more frequent manner. Addiction occurs when individuals can no longer function without the abuse of the substance. The release of dopamine in their brain no longer occurs naturally and they must use the substance in order to activate their pleasure sensors. Additionally, addiction begins once individuals develop a tolerance to and dependence on the substance. Tolerance is characterized by an individual’s diminished response to a substance because of repeated use. The body adapts to the continual presence of the substance and resists the normal effects of it, causing the individual to use more at an increased rate. Dependence occurs when there is a physical need of the substance in the body, which essentially becomes addiction.

Researchers say, maladaptive thoughts lead to substance abuse; therefore the treatment of addiction should include some sort of therapy to help change thoughts and inevitably behaviors.

Recognizing The Signs of Substance Abuse

There are many signs of substance abuse, including:

  • Little, to no, energy: Most addicts were active at one point in their life; however, their energy level has decreased significantly.
  • Attendance levels at school or work decline: Addicts have no motivation to attend school or work, let alone get out of bed in the morning. Their jobs and/or grades are at risk.
  • Becoming secretive or isolated: Most addicts do not want their family or friends to know what they are doing; therefore, they begin to isolate themselves from their social circles.
  • Increased spending habits: Addicts will spend more and more on their substance of choice because of the increase in their tolerance and dependence levels.

When addicts are inquired about any of the following signs, they will most likely become defensive and retreat from those that are inquiring. Suffering through addiction can be lonely, dismal, distressing and regrettable. If you, or someone you know, are showing these signs, it is necessary to receive help.

Sprout Health Arizona understands that seeking help and entering a treatment facility is a difficult decision. We offer the support and guidance you will need in order to treat your addiction. We also provide the tools necessary for your family and loved ones to learn what you are going through so they can be just as supportive as we are. We believe that the bigger support group you have, the better your chances are at a successful and long lasting recovery.

Sprout Health Arizona Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

At Sprout Health Arizona, our treatment programs, which include detoxification, rehabilitation and counseling, are comprehensive and designed for each individual to help treat the various forms of addiction. Through the use of cognitive behavioral therapies, which are highly recommended in the treatment of addiction, we can retrain your brain to adjust its thinking process and develop new behaviors. With the consent of our patients, we include family and loved ones in the process of recovery. As mentioned before, the bigger the support group, the better the chances.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible treatments in order to ensure a successful and long-lasting recovery. We also offer follow-up and aftercare programs which have proven to decrease the risk of relapse. Sprout Health Arizona has everything you need to overcome addiction and live a healthy life.

GIve us a call to find out more. Our friendly pre-admissions staff will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have. We make it easy to learn more about our facility, rules and regulations and treatment programs as well as insurance and financing options, over the phone. You can also set up an appointment to take a tour of our facility or set your admission date while on the phone with our pre-admission staff. Sprout Health Arizona strives to make this process as easy as possible for you because already know how stressful and difficult this situation can be.

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