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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Treatment Centers for Women

In the United States, millions of women suffer from substance abuse; however, only a select few receive treatment. In fact, 18 percent die each year from substance abuse related issues. There are plenty of reasons for women to not receive treatment; however, the reasons to receive treatment are far more important.

How Addiction Effects Women

There is a theory that the estrogen levels in women have effects on certain substances, such as amphetamine and cocaine. Other factors, such as weight, body fat and metabolic rate, play a part in substance abuse. Women absorb alcohol and drugs slower, causing high levels in their bloodstream and dangerous outcomes if used for a long amount of time.

Women in corporate positions, while slowly becoming part of the norm, are few and far between. For a woman in power to admit an addiction would give society even more room to say that women should stay at home rather than work. For some odd reason, men in power who abuse drugs are just as normal as men in power. There is something wrong with this picture but it is how it is.

Another reason women are apprehensive to seek treatment is they feel more than men. They feel irresponsible and negligent toward their family as well as shameful and guilty.

Understanding Women’s Drug Rehab

Sprout Health Arizona does not offer gender-based rehabilitation programs; however, we understand the differences between the two and provide highly individualized treatment plans. Our facility provides a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. We have an expertly trained staff that assesses each and every patient to diagnose the correct issues as well as any underlying conditions. Our assessments help us prepare a treatment plan that will meet your unique needs for a successful recovery.

Sprout Health Arizona offers traditional treatments as well as cognitive therapies. For women, we find equine and art therapy, as well as meditation and yoga quite useful. We like to offer an array of therapies and treatments in order to provide you with the best possible tools to ensure a long-lasting recovery.

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