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Arizona Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment For Men

Both men and women are affected by substance abuse; however, studies show that men need rehab treatment more than women.

How Addiction Affects Men

Since the beginning of time, men have been considered the caretaker of the family, the breadwinner if you will. They feel an immense pressure to perform, causing extreme stress, both psychologically and emotionally. Most men do not seek medical help for stress, let alone any problem in their lives. They usually turn to substances to help numb their minds and relieve their stress.

Men feel a great deal of pressure to live up to the standards, including containing their emotions, that are placed on them by society. Sometimes, that pressure can become to much and cause them to feel depressed or anxious. Most men do not know how to deal with emotional feelings and resort to using drugs or alcohol to fix their emotions.

Men also tend to externalize their emotions, becoming violent and aggressive. Substance abuse heightens these emotions and makes the situation much worse.

Men are influenced by the other men in their lives. Sometimes substance abuse begins as just an innocent night out with the boys.

Studies show that men metabolize drugs and alcohol differently than women. Men need more levels of each substance in order to feel their effects due to their lower estrogen levels, greater body mass and less fatty tissue.

Men’s Rehab Treatment at Sprout Health Arizona

Sprout Health Arizona does not offer gender-based treatments; however, we do understand the physical and mental differences that each have. We take every aspect and situation into consideration in order to provide the best possible treatment plan for our patient’s unique needs.

We know that men tend to hold their emotions in; therefore, our highly skilled therapists will work more in-depth with each male patient. Our treatments can be private in order to make patients as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to give our patients what they need in order to ensure a successful recovery.

Support A Support System

While we do offer private therapy sessions, we highly recommend attending group sessions. Patients will be able to share their experiences and offer support to other patients who are suffering through the same situation they are. This is a difficult process to endure but having a support system can greatly improve recovery.

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