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Adolescents are especially susceptible to addiction because of their vulnerability and constant need to fit in. They struggle to find their identity and make decisions based upon how others will see them rather than how their actions will affect their lives.

Addiction, Adolescents, and vulnerability

Medical experts believe that adolescents are trapped between wanting independence and not wanting to be accountable for their actions. Research shows that during the brain’s growth and development stage, the frontal cortex, which controls our ability to think critically, solve problems and make decisions, is immature and will not reach full maturity until an individual reaches 25 years of age.

Adolescents do not make rational decisions; therefore, some may continuously make mistakes that may impact their life forever. They have not developed certain coping mechanisms necessary to deal with the stress of life. Their emotions are overshadowed by their secondary sex characteristics. Put simply, they are not thinking about anything other than how to fit in and what to do with their sexual energy.

How Sprout Health Arizona Cares About Addicted Adolescents

At Sprout Health Arizona, we are aware of the vulnerability of adolescents and have learned to adjust our treatment methods to ensure the best possible results during rehabilitation. We understand that adolescents are not yet fully developed mentally or physically; therefore, we adjust our methods of approach when dealing with such combative patients. Adolescents usually resent both their parents and our staff because they believe we are trying to change who they are, but we reassure them that we are just trying to help. We recommend including family and loved ones in group therapy sessions in order for everyone to gain an understanding of each other. We encourage open communication in order to fix any underlying family issues as well as teach the family how to support their loved one through the process of rehabilitation.

Sprout Health Arizona has an expertly trained staff of substance rehab clinicians as well as board-certified doctors, nurses, therapists and psychologists. They understand that adolescents are still developing both mentally and physically; therefore, they provide highly individualized treatment plans that work with their unique needs.

It is important to treat substance addiction as soon as possible in order to make it easier to overcome it. The tools we teach our patients will help them remain sober and healthy for many years to come.

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