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Addiction causes stress on personal, social and occupational life. It affects health, relationships with family and friends and the ability to keep a job. Those who struggle with addiction do not understand the toll it takes on not only them but their loved ones as well. Most times, families do not even know they too can benefit from the treatment of addiction. Sprout Health Arizona offers treatment programs to help addicts recover their everyday lives as well as repair any damages done to their relationships. We include loved ones in therapy sessions to gain a better insight into our patient’s substance use history as well as their family life.

Rebuilding Your Life

Sprout Health Arizona offers a wide variety of treatment programs, each catered to our patient’s individual and unique needs. Our staff consists of expertly trained drug rehabilitation clinicians as well as board-certified doctors, nurses, therapists and psychologists. Through the use of physical and mental assessments, we can properly diagnose the symptoms of your addiction as well as any underlying issues that you may not have been aware of. Research shows that addiction may be caused by mental illness; therefore, it is important that our patients undergo extensive evaluations in order to properly diagnose their addiction and provide comprehensive treatment programs that will cater to their individual needs.

We offer many resources that help expedite your recovery. We continually monitor your progress in order to update your treatment accordingly. We provide excellent service, appreciate open communication and ask our patients to show as much dedication and hard work as we do.

If you decide to take residency at our Arizona facility, there is no pressure to stay; however, we do not recommend leaving your treatment early. Studies show that prolonged treatment and aftercare significantly decrease the risk of relapse and increase your chances at a long-lasting recovery.

Once you have been admitted, we provide a tour of the facility where you will meet our team and learn about our rules and regulations. Following your orientation, you will undergo a series of extensive physical and mental evaluations. These evaluations provide further insight into your health history as well as help diagnose any underlying issues that you may be suffering from. Some questions we will ask during the mental evaluation include:

  • Was there trauma in your past life?
  • Was there abuse?
  • Did you become codependent on someone else?
  • Were you on painkiller drugs when the situation spiraled out of control?

Based upon your evaluations, our staff will create a highly individualized treatment program designed to accommodate your unique needs. They may determine that you need detoxification which can either be administered in-house or under the supervision of physicians in a hospital.

We offer traditional methods as well as holistic treatments. We provide various therapies, including cognitive behavioral, family and group therapy. Sprout Health Arizona has treatments for every patient regardless of their condition. We have every resource necessary to help you on your journey toward a sober and healthy life.

Variations of Programs

Depending on client’s level of addiction, our drug and alcohol programs will vary in length. Some treatment programs last only a few days, while others last a lifetime. We will treat each patient as long as they need it. Whatever they need in order to ensure recovery, we will provide it for them.

Our programs include:

  • Rehab for men and women: Men and women combat addiction differently; although we do not offer gender-based treatments, we do take sex into consideration when providing treatment.
  • Adolescent treatment: Most adolescents believe they should be treated as adults; however, research shows that they are still growing and learning; therefore, we adjust our treatment methods to cater to their irrational mindsets.
  • Residential rehab treatment: Through residential rehab, we offer our clients a minimized exposure to abuse temptations, address their access to addictive substances and create an individualized plan to overcome addiction.
  • PHP treatment: The partial hospitalization program is a kind of outpatient program that allows flexibility while still offering structured therapies.
  • IOP treatment: This is an intensive outpatient program is a more advanced outpatient program that provides counseling as well as treatment.
  • Abuse and addiction: Because abuse and addiction are two different issues, we offer an array of therapeutic modalities.
  • Narcotics Anonymous: This treatment is based on the 12-step program where patients will attend group sessions.

Sprout Health Arizona will be with you every step of the way. We know how difficult this process will be and assure you that we will do what it takes to help you reach your goal of sobriety.`

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