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Painkiller Addiction Treatment

Addiction To Painkillers

Painkillers are legally prescribed to millions of Americans each year. Like all opiates, when used for a prolonged amount of time, significantly affect our brain’s chemistry. We begin to rely on the drug to not only reduce our pain but to also function as a normal human being.

It is not recommended to attempt detox or quit on your own. Sprout Health Arizona provides medically monitored detoxification processes as well as a wide variety of therapeutic modalities created to combat addiction.

Over time, a user’s body will get used to the drug and need more in order to feel anything; therefore a user will need to increase their dosage as well as take it more frequently. They have become tolerant and dependent on the substance and can no longer function without it.

Detoxing From Painkillers

During the detox process, a patient will remove the substance from their body. This will cause a variety of withdrawal symptoms, including:

  • Irritable bowels
  • Stomach pains
  • Fatigue
  • Shivers
  • Body aches
  • Severe mood changes
  • Insatiable craving for more opiates

Sprout Health Arizona can provide our patients with medications that help ease the symptoms. We will also closely monitor your nutritional health and mental well-being.

Depending on the severity of your addiction, the detox process will either be held in our facility or in a hospital type setting under the supervision of medical technicians.

How Sprout Health Arizona Treats Painkiller Addiction

Sprout Health Arizona offers a wide variety of therapies in order to cater to each our patient’s unique needs. One of our most effective therapies, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is designed to teach our patients coping skills in order to manage their addictive behaviors. We want to empower our patients to take control of their own sobriety because they will not be in treatment forever.

Our Goal For You Is Long-Term Sobriety

During their stay at our facility, we require patients to attend group therapy sessions. This allows our patients to share their experiences with other who are going through the same thing. They can create bonds and long-lasting relationships with people who understand their struggles. This will also be helpful for outside of treatment in order to have people to lean on during the difficult times.

Our goal is to prepare our patients for the outside world and to give them the confidence they need to maintain their sobriety.

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