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Over 20 million Americans suffer from substance abuse and addiction. The effects of addiction include deteriorating health, job loss, damaged relationships and legal troubles that most likely result in jail time. Most addicts, because of social stigma or fear, never seek treatment for their problem; however, there are a select few who do reach out for help.

Because of the ever-growing number of addicts, there has been an influx of treatment facilities across the country. A good treatment center that offers great results cannot and does not rely just on good intentions. It must offer a plethora of treatment programs, including detoxification, rehabilitation and therapeutic modalities.

Sprout Health Arizona is one of the best treatment facilities in the country, offering individualized treatment programs to fit each patient’s unique needs. Our staff consists of expertly trained drug rehabilitation clinicians as well as board-certified doctors, nurses, therapists and psychologists. We also have locations throughout the United States and are capable of taking in a large number of recovering patients from all backgrounds and regions.

Our treatment programs are adapted from scientific studies as well as hard earned experience. Because of our experience, we have first-hand knowledge of the necessary steps to begin and maintain recovery.

The first step, detoxification, will either be monitored in-house or by medical professionals in a hospital. Depending on how severe a patient’s addiction is, the symptoms of detox can be quite severe. We are trained to address the symptoms with medication provided in order to relieve the pain and discomfort. The medications make it possible for a patient to detoxify their body as well as actively participate in the rehabilitation process.

Part of Sprout Health Arizona’s rehabilitation program involves educating our patients on how to live a healthier lifestyle. We utilize many different therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), in order to teach patients how to understand their emotions and behaviors. It allows our patients to dig deeper into their minds in order to determine underlying disorders as well as identify what triggers cause their addictive behaviors.

With patient’s consent, we include family and loved ones in group therapy sessions. With family involvement, we can gain a greater insight into the patient’s history, such as health and drug abuse history as well as what their home and family life is like. We also teach the family helpful tools necessary to support their loved one through the difficult process of rehabilitation and recovery.

Sprout Health Arizona devotes a significant amount of time educating not only our patients but the public as well about the differences between drug abuse and drug addiction. We believe that understanding the difference can help individuals identify when a loved one is abusing and how to help them manage their use in order to keep them from becoming tolerant, dependent and addicted.

We also believe that education is the strongest weapon against addiction. The cornerstone of every therapy we offer is education. We teach patients to understand what their issues are and how they have contributed to their addiction. Our patients learn that substance abuse is a brain disease. The brain is consumed by substance abuse, causing an individual to function irrationally. Overindulgence of a substance rewires the brain to react to the substance rather than its natural release of chemicals that cause emotional responses. The brain and the addict cannot function normally or without the use of the substance.

The brain and mental health are the focal point of treatment. Sprout Health Arizona offers an intensive Brain Wellness Program that focuses on retraining patients to use their minds to their full potential without the effects of substances. We combine Neuroethology and meditation in order for patients to learn how to live a healthy and sober lifestyle.

Our patients will learn that there are certain triggers that cause their substance abuse. Through cognitive therapies, patients will learn that certain actions cause a reaction in their brains. Their behaviors will immediately cause their minds to react and we teach the tools to change such behaviors. Intensive therapy allows each patient to decipher their thoughts in a positive and logical way. Solution Focused Therapy teaches patients constructive coping techniques that focus on managing stress and stressful situations that may lead to relapse.

This information may seem overwhelming but we assure you that our friendly staff will help you through every step of the process. From the moment we are contacted by either the addict or their loved ones, we provide as much information possible to help ease any concern or anxiety.

Sprout Health Arizona’s pre-admissions staff are here to inform potential patients about the many different treatment programs we offer as well as how they are to be conducted from start to finish. The will also learn about the luxurious amenities we offer at our beautiful Scottsdale,  Arizona facility. We may ask a few questions regarding your health and substance abuse history as well as insurance provider in order to gather as much information about you. This will help establish what type of treatment you will need to receive and if you are a good match for our facility.

If you decide to stay at our Arizona facility, your rehabilitation will begin with a thorough mental and physical assessment to help determine any underlying disorders as well as what type of detoxification process you will need to undergo. Depending on the severity of your detox, you may begin your process in-house or under the supervision of medical professionals in a hospital. Detoxification requires a full-body cleansing which will remove all of the toxins from your body. During detox, we will help you learn the tools necessary to endure the withdrawal and rehabilitation process in a safe manner.

Sprout Health Arizona offers a wide variety of treatment programs based off of the severity of the patient’s substance addiction. Undergoing extensive and thorough mental and physical assessments are extremely important in deciding what treatments are necessary to aid in the rehabilitation of each patient. If the addiction and its withdrawal process are severe, patients will be admitted to an intensive care unit in a hospital where their condition will be stabilized and managed. A moderately severe addiction paired with a mental illness must be treated in an inpatient treatment program, which allows patients to live at the facility. If the patient is capable of managing their own life but suffers from some emotional instability, we recommend a partial hospitalization. We also treat drug abuse through a patient’s participation in an intensive treatment program. This treatment allows them to live their daily lives while participating in therapy sessions and other treatments on their own time.

We cannot stress enough the importance of a good support system. We highly recommend allowing your family to be part of your recovery process. We want to educate both you and your family on the effects of drug abuse and addiction. We want them to share their knowledge with other potential patients as well their families. Knowledge is power and it might be the only way people will recognize the signs of someone who is struggling with addiction.

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