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Continuing Care

The Importance of Continuing Care

Admitting that you are addicted and seeking help for a reputable rehabilitation facility is the first and one the hardest steps on the road to recovery. Sprout Health Arizona understands the anxiety and apprehension you are feeling during this time and assure you that we will provide the tools as well as support necessary to achieve your goal of sobriety.

Your treatment will begin with a phone call or visit to our facility, where our knowledgeable and friendly staff will ask a few questions in order to determine the severity of your addiction. We will also collect any insurance information or court documents needed to help speed along the process. During this time, we will determine an admission date and begin treatment as soon as possible. You will undergo a series of mental and physical assessments that will diagnose any underlying conditions as well as give us a blueprint of the type of treatment programs would most benefit a successful recovery.

All substance abuse treatments begin with detoxification, followed by withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the severity of your detox and withdrawal symptoms, you will either be in-house or under the care of a hospital. The detox process is difficult; however, we will be there to guide you through every step. Your success relies on our combined efforts.

We recommend allowing your family to be involved in the treatment process. We find that teaching your family the tools to be supportive during this process is extremely beneficial. Most times, addiction severely ruins relationships due to the isolating and negative effects of substance abuse on an addict. By allowing your family’s involvement, we can help repair damaged relationships. They can also learn the symptoms of addiction in order to help you avoid relapse. They might possibly help others outside of your family who may be too afraid to admit their addiction and enter a treatment facility.

Group therapy is also recommended. It provides a positive environment with people whose experiences are similar and may help you find solutions to your problems. Therapy in general is extremely beneficial for a successful recovery.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps teach our patients how to get rid of negative thinking patterns. We challenge our patients to develop new thoughts about life, break old habits and abdicate unwanted behavior patterns. Sprout Health Arizona also teaches its patients about their addiction, what caused it, what the triggers are and how to combat their cravings. We cover all bases in order to ensure a long lasting recovery.

Continuing Care and Follow-Up Drug Treatment Programs

Follow-up is one of the most important steps in your treatment program. In order to sustain a lasting recovery, it is necessary to continue receiving professional help. Sprout Health Arizona is committed to your recovery, therefore, we provide continuing care.

While at the facility, you will learn necessary skills to help sustain your sobriety, such as relaxation techniques and physical exercises aimed at keeping you healthy and alert as well as techniques that help you deal with drug cravings and their triggers. Our continuing care, which includes support meetings, individual counseling and the rebuilding of damaged relationships, begins once your treatment is over

Once you return to normal life, you will no longer be surrounded by clinicians or people experiencing the same thing as you; therefore, returning to your past social circle and the risk relapse are increased. Attending support groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, provides you with a similar environment that you experienced at our treatment facility.

The Effectiveness of Including Family

We cannot stress enough the importance of family participation in your treatment process. Addiction does not only affect the addicts but their family, friends and loved ones as well. By involving your family, we can help repair damaged relationships. We can also educate them on the signs of addiction and how to support a loved one through a treatment program. They can become your support system once you leave our facility. It is beyond important to have support outside of our facility because returning home after days or months in treatment is like being born again. You are a completely different person and need people who love and support you around to help ease the anxiety of starting over.

Sprout Health Arizona is dedicated to your recovery from the moment you make the pre-admission phone call to the moment you feel confident enough to handle your recovery on your own. We believe in you. It is time to believe in yourself and receive the help you need to become the best possible version of yourself.

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