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Our Sprout Health facility in Arizona is one of the best rehabilitation treatment centers to attend when seeking drug addiction help. We understand the anxiety and apprehension you are feeling when making the courageous decision to change your life and are here to assure you that you are not alone. We will guide and support you throughout every step of your recovery process. We offer many different treatment options and cater to your unique and individual needs.

After the pre-admission process and extensive physical and mental assessments, our professionally trained drug rehabilitation clinicians as well as board-certified doctors, nurses, therapists and psychologists, will determine your disorder as well as any underlying conditions in order to create a highly individualized treatment program specifically aimed towards your disorder and the tools necessary to treat it.

Every addiction treatment program begins with the detoxification process. There are two categories of detox treatment: medically-managed (acute) and medically-assisted (sub-acute). Medically-managed detox is helpful for those with severe withdrawal symptoms who require close monitoring, while medically-assisted detox is less severe and can be done while receiving treatment. Sprout Health Arizona aims to provide both methods, as well as a nutritionally-assisted detox. Our detox process helps prevent fatal consequences resulting from the cessation, or abstinence, of drugs.

Sprout Health Arizona Offers Many Resources

All treatments include cognitive behavioral therapies, which are used to challenge maladaptive thoughts and remove their triggers to help the patients learn constructive behaviors. Along with individual treatments, group therapy sessions help reinforce the behaviors learned through cognitive therapy. Through group sessions, patients learn from others who have experienced similar trials, such as what solutions they have found and how to continue living a healthy, more meaningful life.

The beautiful scenery of Scottsdale combined with the tranquil environment of our facility promotes optimal wellness. Our holistic approaches prepare our patients to avoid relapse when their treatment at our facility ends and they begin their new lives in the real world. Through relaxation, clearing the mind and support from others, patients are able to learn how to handle their issues. We offer multiple tools and treatments that can increase the likelihood of success outside of the treatment program.

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