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How Drug Addiction Treatment Centers Help Protect Overall Well-Being

October 25, 2016 - , - 0 Comments

Overhauling the mind, body and soul

Addiction Treatment Centers Millions of Americans suffer from substance addiction or mental health disorders and unfortunately, only a small percentage of them seek help at a treatment center. Because of social stigma, people are embarrassed if they admit themselves into rehab. Living with such a condition can lead to detrimental effects on both mental and physical health, which is why receiving treatment is so imperative. Drug addiction treatment centers help protect overall well-being by overhauling the mind, body and soul.

The stigma placed upon those who suffer from substance addiction and mental health disorders is terrible; people believe they are weak, vile people who cannot control their actions and should be in jail or a mental hospital. The saddest thing about that is most people who are suffering cannot help their condition; some of them were born with underdeveloped or mutated genes that lead to addictive personalities or mental health disorders, some grew up in tumultuous households, some did not even have a place to grow up in because their parents were addicts and lost their children to the state.

There are so many causes of addiction and mental health disorders that people should be ashamed of themselves when they point fingers and make those who are suffering feel like they are less than anyone. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, drug addiction treatment and mental health rehab can significantly increase the chance of a better life; a life with less guilt and shame.

Drug addiction treatment programs offer a wide variety of tried, tested and true program options that cater to every patient’s unique and specific needs. Drug rehab in Arizona is the best place to receive treatment; the facilities provide a safe, calm and positive environment, as well as a highly-educated and professionally trained staff that are capable of diagnosing and treating multiple conditions.

Every drug rehab in Arizona believes that education is one of the best tools to use when treating any condition. The staff teaches patients how addiction is caused and what triggers may be causing their addictive personalities.

Addiction is caused by many factors, including:

  • Genetics
  • Family history
  • Immediate environment
  • Chemicals in the substance used

Scientific evidence shows that addicts and those who suffer from mental health disorders share a common gene that may contribute to their addictive personalities. Additionally, those who have a family history of mental health disorders and addiction will be more susceptible to developing one or both at the same time; in fact, the more family members who have conditions, the higher the chances are. The chances will also be higher if the family life or immediate environment is unhealthy. For children who live with an addicted parent, their chances of developing an addiction are increased by 50-60 percent. When someone lives in a tumultuous environment, they may self-medicate to cope with the unfortunate circumstances. Self-medication is extremely dangerous and can lead to overdose or death.

The chemical makeup of substances that people use to self-medicate is extremely addictive, especially when used for a long period of time. The chemicals interrupt the brain’s normal functioning, as well as its natural production of certain mood-boosting or pain-relieving receptors. Overtime, the body will become used to the substance producing the sensations that the brain will discontinue its natural production and the body will rely solely on the substance to create those feelings. The body is now dependent on the substance and the addict will no longer be able to function normally without it.

Additionally, the body will become used to the effects of the normal dosage and will need more and at a more frequent rate in order to feel the same effects as it once did in the beginning. When addicts continue to use more and more, they are increasing their chances of overdosing and possibly death.

Drug addiction treatment programs retrain the body and the brain to thrive independently from stimuli. The programs are designed to completely cleanse both the body and the mind. All drug addiction treatment programs begin with a detoxification (detox) process which cleanses the body in a safe manner in order to remove all toxic substances from the body.

Following the detox, patients undergo a series of therapeutic modalities. The therapy sessions offered at drug rehab in Arizona include traditional and experiential therapies which help patients recognize their maladaptive behaviors in order to replace them with positive coping mechanisms. Therapy also allows patients to reach deep into their psyche and pinpoint triggers that may be contributing to their addictive personalities.

Drug addiction treatment can significantly increase the chance of a successful recovery and long-lasting health and happiness. Regain control of life with the helpful tools provided at drug rehab in Arizona.

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