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Taking the first step toward recovery and admitting an addiction is already a hard enough step; follow that by making the decision to check into a rehabilitation facility and feelings of anxiety and stress can overwhelm an individual, especially someone who will be attending a facility for the first time. Sprout Health Arizona understands that while there are brochures and pamphlets that advertise important information about a facility and its available treatment programs, there is nothing that can completely prepare you for the experience of rehabilitation.

It is completely normal to feel apprehensive when journeying into the unknown, especially when your health and well-being are at stake. This process will be extremely emotional and somewhat difficult, but Sprout Health Arizona will be there every step of the way for guidance and support. We will do our best to decrease your anxiety and stress by offering the resources and information necessary to aid in the recovery process. While we cannot completely ease your anxiety, we will do our best to make you feel comfortable and confident in your choice to drastically change your life.

Sprout Health Arizona provides real reviews from former clients who have experienced the same feelings as you. Alumni began their journey with the same apprehension you may be feeling and have experienced many of the same assessments and evaluations as well as walked the same halls as you. The only difference is that, until you complete your program, they have endured to the end throughout their treatment process and also maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle.

We are proud of our alumni. They show that we provide quality services, evidence-based treatment options and excellent clinical care. The feedback we receive from former clients, as well as their families, gives us a better understanding of the services we provide as well as the positive impact of our treatments.

The following testimonies give you first-hand knowledge of Sprout Health Arizona’s facilities and the possible experiences you will have during your stay at our treatment center. The video and written testimonials provide a better understanding of our programs, the importance of seeking treatment and the positive impact it will have on your life.

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