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Court Services

Almost all substance abuse and addiction lead to legal troubles; therefore, most treatment is accompanied or forced by a legal component. Those who willingly attend treatment for their substance abuse or addiction have certain legal consequences waived due to the Good Samaritan Law. Additionally, an individual’s substance abuse or mental state can be used as a defensive strategy and in some cases, mental health records have the ability to reduce the severity of charges an individual might face.

Sprout Health Arizona understands that it is unsettling for an individual to admit their drug use, especially if they know that there may be legal ramifications. We are conscious of this and strive to provide the individual with the treatment they need while also adhering to the intricacy of these situations.

Misdemeanors and Mental Health

If individuals face misdemeanor or felony charges and has a substance addiction or been diagnosed with a mental illness, it is in their best interest to attend an addiction or psychological treatment while they are waiting for their trial or sentencing. Most people who are accused of crimes associated with drugs or alcohol are required by the court to receive therapy or treatment as part of their punishment. Not only will treatment benefit individual’s health, but it may reduce the severity of their punishment.

Why Proactively Seeking Treatment is Better

For some people, getting in trouble with the law because of their risky behaviors only has to happen once. The undesirable risk of legal consequences outweighs their need to act on their impulsive behaviors and most seek help for their problems. However, there are those who continually exhibit risky behaviors which lead to long-term legal troubles. Whether it be low-level crimes or those that result in damage to property or loss of life, these individuals are headed toward a downward spiral that may lead to substance abuse, anxiety or mental illness.

Those individuals who are facing criminal charges should pursue professional help along with their court-ordered punishment. Jail time might not be enough to help stop the irrational and risky behaviors. Sprout Health Arizona recommends consulting with a defense attorney in order to determine what steps are necessary or beneficial to help solve whatever problem they may have.

Entering a treatment program can be looked at by the court system in a couple of different ways, such as only wanting a reduced sentence or because individuals actually want to find a solution to their problem. Although entering a treatment facility may actually lead to a reduced sentence or other concessions, in Sprout Health Arizona’s eyes, it is mature and a sign that individuals are serious about getting help and holding themselves accountable for their actions. We believe that by being proactive about getting help, this showcases responsibility and can work in individual’s favor; for their health and legal troubles.

What Sprout Health Arizona Can Do to Help

Sprout Health Arizona provides many services that can help aid in the legal process. Our evidence-based treatments for mental illness and substance addiction are catered to each individual’s unique needs, regardless if the treatment is voluntary or court-ordered.

We provide the necessary paperwork, documentation or assessments for those who have legal issues to address that are required by the court. We administer mandatory psychiatric mental health assessments, drug testing and client progress notes that are also required by the court.

All of our treatment clinicians at Sprout Health Arizona are trained in and understand court-ordered cases and all legal requirements. We adhere to all standards and practices set in place by the United States Judicial System. We provide our clients with the necessary treatments while complying with all legal requirements. The addiction treatment, mental health services and individualized dual diagnosis management programs that we offer contribute to a successful and long-lasting recovery as well as a decrease in legal trouble. Whether you have made the choice or were court-ordered to receive treatment, we strive to provide the best possible solutions for your troubles. We are dedicated to you and your sobriety.

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