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Admissions For Families

The Effectiveness of Family Involvement

Drug addiction and dependence do not only affect addicts but it also affects their family, friends and loved ones. By the time you have made your decision to get help and become sober, a lot of damage may have been done to your relationships with those people, such as not speaking to each other or the inability to communicate effectively. Rehabilitation can help repair your health and sobriety as well as the damage inflicted upon those broken relationships.

At Sprout Health Arizona, we understand that admitting addiction and checking yourself into a rehabilitation center can be uncomfortable, distressing and even cause damage to your reputation depending on your challenges with peer pressure.; however, we assure you that we have your best interests at heart and are here to provide comfort, support and help.

Educating The Family

Rehabilitation, detoxification and therapy sessions are all necessary tools needed to complete a successful recovery. The staff at Sprout Health Arizona are trained drug addiction rehabilitation specialists who understand that group and family therapies combined with the aforementioned tools can significantly increase your chances at long lasting sobriety.

Chemical dependency is a disease that has destroyed individuals as well as their families, which is why we include families in therapy sessions. We place a great deal of emphasis on helping families understand the power of addiction and how it effects their loved ones both mentally and physically. Some people do not understand that addiction does not just happen overnight and that it can be contributed to by family life or genetics. We want to teach patients and their families that addiction can be overcome and a long-lasting sobriety can be significantly increased through the help of a supportive family or network. We will also provide counseling for families to help them cope with stresses of this situation.

Why You Should Attend Counseling

In order for family and loved ones to attend counseling, permission to visit must be granted by patients. We want to make sure that their environment remains positive so they can achieve their desired success. Our treatment programs are revolved solely around the patients to ensure their every needs are taken care of, which is why they have the choice to include their families or not. Although patients are given a choice to include their family, we highly recommend it. We want everyone to be involved in order to learn about addiction and the recovery process. The recovery process is the hardest part of becoming sober and it is important for family to be involved, in order to provide support and love to our patients.

Before attending counseling with our patients, we will speak with you over the phone to ask a number of questions. We want to learn about you as well as our patients in order to get a better understanding of their past as well as health and addiction history. Getting to know our patients better can help us create the best possible treatment plans that will work according to their personal wants and needs.

Family Welcome Packet

Sprout Health Arizona strongly encourages patient’s family to read the Family Welcome Packet, which contains useful information, such as contact information, processes of admissions and intake, our treatment programs and the rules and guidelines each patient, as well as their family, should follow.

Critical Family Support

Recovering from addiction or a mental health illness require lifelong commitment. The work toward recovery does not stop once a patient leaves the rehabilitation center. Patients will need as much support as they can get to maintain sobriety and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. Family support is as influential as the words of encouragement provided by those is addiction support groups. We encourage patients to allow their families to participate in therapy groups in order to learn the tools necessary to help a loved one through their recovery process. As long as our patients consent to their families involvement in their care, Sprout Health Arizona will provide them with all the correct tools and resources needed to help our patients become more successful in their recovery.

Our innovative and evidence-based therapeutic modalities help ensure optimum results for every different type of substance addiction and mental health disorder. The support we provide for our patients, as well as their families, helps with an effective recovery process.

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