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In the Scottsdale area, Sprout Health Arizona is the right choice for your substance abuse treatment needs. Regardless of the substance that is troubling you, we can help you get the treatment you need. At our drug and alcohol rehabilitation counseling center in Scottsdale, AZ, we can help to guide you into and through the recovery process.

We accept most major insurance plans, offer affordable treatment options, and provide a variety of treatment options, including interventions, substance abuse counseling, individual and group therapy, aftercare, and ongoing monitoring.

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Our Programs

We provide numerous treatment programs to help serve your needs. Helping you find recovery and freedom.


We have admissions coordinators waiting to help you in our 24-hour call center. Our caring staff can make your admissions process as easy and straightforward as possible.

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Whatever substance is troubling you, we can help. We can get you the treatment you need to free yourself from substance dependence and addiction.

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We can refer you to the treatment you need to make the detox process as comfortable as possible. Don’t let fear of withdrawal symptoms and cravings keep you from getting help.

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We provide customized individual and group treatment programs. Clients also have the opportunity to access alternative therapies for a complete treatment experience.

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Affordable Treatment Options

Sprout Health Arizona understands that financing a recovery can sometimes be confusing, difficult and often times overwhelming. We accept most health care insurance plans in order to ensure each client receives the best recovery care possible. Our admissions staff is well trained and ready to answer any questions or concerns a potential patient may have. We will guide you through all the financial aspects during the admissions process.

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“We are dedicated to helping our clients stand on their own and develop the recovery skills that will allow them to build the kind lives they could only dream about.”

Jerry Boehm, Business Development And Compliance Director

Insurances Accepted

We want to make sure, you are prepared. Here is a list of realizable insurance providers we accept:

Insurances Accepted

And Many More Providers! More About Insurance Solutions

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